Brian Amundson



Brian is our general manager here at Pacific Lamp. Brian has been with us for five years in our energy efficient lighting solutions division, and before joining us, worked in the solar energy field for five years. Brian joined us because he moved to Portland and wanted to stay in a field where he could make a difference by saving/producing energy more efficiently. In his current position as one of the top lighting solutions specialists, he is known for solving problems and making things happen. Brian has a knack for getting projects that others might not get because they don’t see the opportunity like he does. He truly leaves no stone unturned.

Brian’s true passions outside of work include his daughter and the great Northwest outdoors. An avid fisherman, skier, biker, and camper, Brian loves all activities that deal with the great outdoors. Additionally, he is very involved in his family, spending time with his seven-year old daughter Isabelle. In Brian’s own words, he “would never give up being an awesome dad.”

Brian’s favorite food is… all of them! Though, he especially loves a good steak and a good beer.