anti-viral anti-bacterial LED light bulb


The new, patented de-Odorization Lamp from Aleddra is a product that everyone should consider installing in their homes and workplaces. It is designed to remove bad odors, plus it's technology is also effective in reducing certain viruses and bacteria from the surrounding air.

Here is how it works:

  • The Aleddra de-Odorization Lamp has a built-in fan that draws "bad odors" from the air and passes it through a pre-filter. That air then is passed through a ceramic filter that is coated with a photocatalyst material (nano Titanium Dioxide - TiO2). The photocatalyst material is irradiated by a UVC light source which creates a hyperactive oxidation layer on the surface of the ceramic filter. As the air flows through the ceramic filter, most bad odors and certain airborne viruses and bacteria come in contact with the hyperactive oxidation layer and is decomposed into carbon dioxide and water. This same technology has been used in hospital for years, but usually involving much larger equipment. Aleddra has successfully packages this same technology into the de-Odorization Lamp. Its effectiveness in removing the influenza A H1N1 virus in a test environment within an enclosed test chamber. In an actual application, the de-Odorization lamp will continually work to reduce certain viruses, bacteria, odors found in your air. The rate of removing microbial in the air depends on how fast and how many new microbial are being released by carriers into the air.

The Aleddra de-Odorization Lamp comes standard with (2) operating modes (auto and manual). In auto or the energy-saving mode, the PIR sensor will turn the LED light OFF if no motion is detected for a period of three minutes, but the fan will continue to operate. The manual mode keeps the LED lamp and the fan always ON. Both the pre-filter and the photocatalyst filter can be cleaned and reused permanently, without the need of replacement.

Part Number:   KLB01
Brand: Aleddra
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