SINCE APRIL of 2012 -

Dodi has been with us since April of 2012 and is an invaluable member of our team, fulfilling multiple roles for Pacific Lamp. She runs the maintenance department, works in the warehouse, helps with will call and shipping, works phone sales from time to time, manages one of the larger client accounts, and is even a relief delivery driver. Talk about jack of all trades!

Dodi came to us after being laid off from a computer support company, and applied to us as a warehouse person/delivery driver. But, Dodi has always had the spark for helping others, and doing what needed to be done, even if it was outside of her normal duties, and now helps us with a plethora of things in order to help us succeed.

When she gets home, she loves spending time with family, friends, and her dog Tucker. On the weekends, she loves taking Tucker out on long walks with her dog friends. When asked what would be impossible for her to give up, Dodi answered, “I’m not sure- I realize that my dog is not going to live forever, but I think that will be a hard thing to go through.” Now that’s an incredible bond.

Dodi’s favorite food is anything made with Elk.