Do you need financial assistance with a commercial lighting project that is greater than $1,000 net of your Energy Rebate? Read on.

Many of our customers are vibrant local businesses with limited cash flows.  By taking advantage of our low interest financing option you can pursue your lighting project and remain cash positive on your lighting related expenditures. You ask how?

Often, the money saved by improving your lighting and reducing your business's energy consumption will more than cover the principal and interest of your lighting project amortized over time. This means that in many cases the monthly expenditure you allocate towards your utility bill will stay the same or even improve. 

Know that Pacific Lamp Wholesale helped pioneer credit programs in the Northwest lighting industry. Thus, PLW offers extremely competitive and flexible financial terms.  In fact, financing can be customized to meet your business cash flow needs -- plans can extend repayment for up to 5 years and approval for financing comes within 24 to 48 hours.  Our financing program is as simple and flexible as we are, inquire today! 

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