At Pacific Lamp Wholesale, we are 100% dedicated to making sure ALL of your personal information shared on our website is safe and remains private.  Pac Lamp employees have reviewed our privacy policy and are required to login into a secure administration site with a username and password to view any customer sale information.  We do not have access to personal credit/debit card numbers. Our online security systems are checked monthly by our IT team to make sure all your information remains secure. 

WHAT PERSONAL INFORMATION DO WE COLLECT? collects the following types of personal information: names, email, postal addresses, phone numbers, billing information, purchase history, and any other information we may need to assist you with sales and customer service inquiries. uses your computers IP address to administer our website. Your IP address identifies you and the products in your shopping cart.


The information we collect at sign-in or during the check-out process is used to deliver exceptional operational services.  We may use personal information such as email or phone number to inform you about, product/order status, shipping notifications, technical questions, and general question inquires.  An email will be sent confirming your order and when your order is shipped.

Pacific Lamp NEVER sells, rents, trades, or gives away and of the personal information you provide on our website.  We do use 3rd party services to help provide a seamless online experience. These third-party services are vital to deliver operational services and will never solicit to you as a result of the information you give us.

In rare cases, we are required by law to release information under the following instances:

  • Investigative reasons
  • When financial institutions or government bodies need information when it pertains to fraudulent activity.
  • To appropriate authorities, where if your communication suggests harm to others.


We have partnered with industry leader to accept your credit/debit card payments safely and securely. adheres to all payment processing compliances. For more information regarding your private cardholder data, please review their Privacy Policy.


A website cookie is a small amount of data that is sent to your browser from a web server and stored on your computer.  This helps us internally track things like how many times you visit our site and what items you have viewed.  This information is never shared to outside sources.  You have the option of disabling cookies in your browser for our site. However, you will not be able to place orders online.

This isn’t the end! You still have the ability to always place your order by phone or email! Please email [email protected] or call us at 503.643.6516 to place an order.


If you have opted in to our awesome Pacific Lamp Press newsletter, you can find instructions at the bottom of each email to unsubscribe yourself from our mailing list.


We are taking every precaution to keep your data safe from sketchy people. If you have any privacy policy issues, please contact us and we will work it out accordingly.