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Pacific Lamp has over 5000 bulb options available for your various lighting needs! With trained lighting specialists available, we’ll be able to find the right bulbs for you and your business and make your life brighter. If you just want to browse, visit our online store or come in to our retail store location on 10725 SW 5th Street, Beaverton, OR 97005.

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Lighting Maintenance

Your light bulbs on their last leg? Pacific Lamp also offers lighting maintenance on existing fixtures for businesses! Whether its continued maintenance on one of our retrofits, or your business just needs new light in its life, we’ll be able to handle your maintenance needs

Learn more about lighting retrofits and energy audits
Free Lighting Usage Analysis and Lighting Retrofits

Pacific Lamp specializes in finding the right lighting solutions for your business. We conduct free energy audits to determine the current status of your businesses lighting performance and design, then offer lighting retrofits to maximize your lighting needs while minimizing your utility bill.

Browse LED lighting options
LED Lighting

Your business is looking to join the current decade and upgrade to LED lighting, and Pacific Lamp is here to help you. With cash incentives available through the Energy Trust of Oregon for a limited time, the moment to upgrade is now. Save more money, energy, and experience the brightness that is LED.

Light Bulbs in Portland, OR, and Beaverton, OR

Lighten up with LEDs
As easy as changing a lightbulb

For a limited time during 2015, Energy Trust is offering instant cash incentives, up to $30 per lamp, for selected screw-in LED lamps for commercial, multifamily and industrial customers.

Who We Are

Pacific Lamp has been providing lighting solutions as an experienced and family-owned company in Portland since 1976. We’re also an Energy Trust of Oregon Trade Ally that has saved businesses a lot of energy and money throughout the years. Filled with proud, energetic employees that deliver excellent customer service, we possess the necessary product knowledge and offerings to fulfill our client’s lighting needs. We’ll work with you personally to see to it that your business’ expectations are exceeded and make your life a little brighter.

Latest News

LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, have more to it than meets the eye.Recent innovative developments in LED lighting have opened up a brighter future, quite literally and figuratively.  Home residents, business owners, and other sectors of our world have embraced LED lights for sensible reasons.Of the myriad of info...
Problem with Artificial Lighting and Sleep?Sleep.  We all need it.  Before lightbulbs and artificial lighting were commonplace, humanity relied on the sunlight to decree our sleepy and wakeful times.  Light bulbs today help all sorts of people work, play, move, and think at times and in places where the...

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